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The Next Phase

I'm back! So many distractions since my last blog post 🙈So we ended last time with me finding my passion. After many struggles learning to juggle family life & work, I had a successful eBay store and felt I had conquered that world. But I wanted something more. I wanted a brand, a home for my brand, a place to share my bow love! How had I not thought of social media earlier?? And so begins my Instagram journey...Clueless, I stumbled across a super helpful lady who was amazing in not only showing me how to use the app, but...

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How It All Began

 Having never knowingly read a blog before (I guess I have at some point?) I have weirdly decided it's time for me to write my own! Everyone has a story to tell, and it's time for me to tell mine! So let's start at the beginning.... Having grown up with a crafty DIY Mum, I guess the creativity was in my genes. Or maybe it could have been absorbed from my environment? I still remember the bubble skirts my mum used to sew for me! They were much like the suspender skirts you see all over Instagram these days. Those...

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