The Next Phase

I'm back! So many distractions since my last blog post 🙈

So we ended last time with me finding my passion. After many struggles learning to juggle family life & work, I had a successful eBay store and felt I had conquered that world. But I wanted something more. I wanted a brand, a home for my brand, a place to share my bow love! How had I not thought of social media earlier?? And so begins my Instagram journey...

Clueless, I stumbled across a super helpful lady who was amazing in not only showing me how to use the app, but introducing me to the online handmade market and world of Brand Reps. A world where I have met so many lovely people, people who I now call friends!

At first though I must admit I found Instagram rather daunting. I felt like my bows didn't cut it, and I needed to get fancy. My creativity and inspiration comes from the materials I work with. I feel like I have a good eye for what looks nice, after all I do have years of experience with pretty cakes! My fave part of my job is when a big stack of materials arrives and I sit down and go hmm what am I going to do with this stuff? I experiment, I grow my skills and I do what I like. Sometimes I really surprise myself with what I create! My circle of close Insta friends also plays a part in the end product, between me bouncing my ideas/prototypes off them and their harassment for certain styles/sizes/colours 😂

Photo:Miss Ella, one of my long time brand reps 💙

So over the last few years it's safe to say Instagram has played a part in helping my bows to evolve into what they are today. It has also bought out qualities in me that I never knew existed. I now know I can do better. I can always improve. I can do anything I want if I try hard enough. I love to learn! I have spent hours upon hours learning and researching and teaching myself about things I had never thought about, in between raising 2 small children. I still learn new things to this day, every day. You can't be successful in small business or even life I guess without learning. It's not just about having nice products, there's so much more to it! I see so many new businesses popping up and disappearing every day. I don't want to be one of them! I am literally bow obsessed and truly enjoy not only making bows, but all the other aspects that come with running a small handmade business. I want to be pushing my biz to the limit until my hands no longer function!